Pontes Medical

Pontes Medical is a team of innovation managers active at the academic hospitals UMC Utrecht,  and VUmc and AMC both situated in Amsterdam. We have developed a method to manage the innovation process from idea to market introduction for medical equipment, implants and devices. In Utrecht, five innovation managers are active and part of the department of Medical Technology and Clinical Physics.


Pontes Medical realises medical devices in collaboration with companies, health care professionals, researchers and investors. When a health care professional or company has an idea, Pontes medical investigates the clinical, economical, technical and commercial feasibility and builds 
a partnership with companies and clinicians. Pontes Medical manages the process of co-creation and co-design with the end users and patients, who both take a pivotal role. We manage the building and testing of prototypes, the development of a business case and establishment of intellectual property. This will lead to a market introduction of a new product by an established company or a new spin off. With SmartRollout and THINC., health tech assessments, implementation analyses and clinical pilots can be serviced as well. With this approach Pontes medical has brought 10 medical devices from scratch to the medical market. 


The process from idea to market implementation and acceptance is complex. Hence great ideas that improve health care, making it more efficient, safe and affordable encounter many hurdles and pitfalls. Many good ideas do not reach the patient and fundamental academic research does not have imthepact we aspire. By offering specialised infra-structure, pitfalls and hurdles can be avoided and Pontes Medical improves the chance of innovative successes and boost its impact on health care.