Thriving & Healthy Youth

Advances in medical treatments and technologies for childhood diseases and disabilities have resulted in dramatically increased survival rates and a growing population of children with chronic diseases.

Similarly, advances in mental-health treatment have resulted in creating opportunities for healing and recovery. Nevertheless, variability in developmental outcomes is immense.

    Until recently, research focused primarily on the negative psychosocial sequelae and stigma of childhood mental and physical adversity. Emerging theory and empirical evidence, including the cutting-edge studies of DoY researchers, propose that the focus on (long-term) cognitive, social, academic, emotional, and physical deficits might obscure an understanding of the full range of developmental outcomes in all domains of functioning. 

    To create equal opportunity, we need to move beyond recovery from adversity by promoting thriving and growth through effective preventions and interventions.

    Dr. Heidi Lesscher, Dr. Sanne Nijhof & Dr. Odilia Laceulle