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Youth's media use and the role of teaching and education

We address the problem that students increasingly live in separate worlds, do not understand each other’s perspective, or are even unaware of it. Paradoxically, this happens in a time in which they have access to virtually all information via the internet.

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This has led to a widening of social and cultural gaps in society and, consequently, in education. But education can also help us bridge the gaps. In order to do that, we need to know more about the way children, adolescents, and young adults process information on the internet and on social media. How does media use influence their view of the world, their attitudes and their behavior towards, and their interaction with other people in society, including their peers in the classroom, and their teachers?

Results of this research will provide fundamental insights in processing information on the internet and on social media by young people. Furthermore, the results will feed into the implementation of concrete interventions in education, such as:

  • How to teach critical thinking and perspective-taking skills?
  • How to organise more systematic attention for addressing these issues in education?
  • How to organise training and support for professionals in education?

Working together

The project takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining theoretical and empirical perspectives from the humanities, governance studies, and social sciences. Complementary strategies for data gathering and analyses are used (e.g. analyses of social media and internet sources, surveys, classrooms observations, interviews, eye-tracking, and logfile data). Strong ties exist with societal and campus partners, such as School Boards for primary and secondary education, the city of Utrecht, CITO, SLO and the Hogeschool Utrecht.

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