Research group of dr. Bert Janssen

Portret Bert Janssen

The group of dr. Bert Janssen focusses on structural neurobiology. Communication between cells in our brain is critical for its development and function.
This cross-talk is most often mediated by proteins. We are interested in how protein signaling systems initiate and transduce signals between cells in our central nervous system. Work in the group centres on elucidating molecular mechanisms that underlie intercellular signaling between glia cells and neurons. Two systems important for the function and repair of the nervous system are currently the focus of our research; 1. The myelin inhibitors and their receptors in nervous system repair inhibition and 2. Signaling mechanisms of proneurotrophic factors and their receptors in nervous system cell death. We use mammalian protein expression systems, protein crystallography and biochemical, biophysical and cellular techniques to get detailed understanding of how these systems work.