ER-associated protein biogenesis and degradation

All proteins of the secretory pathway are imported into the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER). Fundamental processes located at the ER membrane are protein import and protein degradation. We aim to gain structural insights into these complexes by cryoelectron tomography and integrative modeling.

ER translocon in situ
Structure of native ER translocon as determined Cryo-ET. Left: Magnified view of the Sec61 protein conducting channel, the core of the ER translocon. Right: Structure of ER translocon bound to the ribosome.

In eukaryotic cells, co-translational protein translocation across and insertion into the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane requires an elaborate macromolecular machinery. While structural details of ribosomes bound to purified and solubilized constituents of the translocon have been elucidated in recent years, little structural knowledge of ribosomes, bound to the complete ER protein translocation machinery in a native membrane environment exists. We use cryoelectron tomography (Cryo-ET) to provide structural insights into the 80S ribosomes and its associated machinery. We study the translocation machinery in situ using rough ER-microsomes.

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