AV3 Matlab suite


The AV3 toolbox is a collection of MATLAB for processing of sub-tomograms extracted from larger tomographic volumes (Förster et al, Meth. Cell.Biol. 2007). Core features of the software include averaging of sub-tomograms and classification of sub-tomograms. In general, some of its functionality is also avaialble in pytom, which is strongly preferred due to higher computational speed. Nevertheless, many of the scripts are still in use, e.g. for prototyping or in conjunction with pytom.

Notable applications include:

  • Nuclear pore complex in situ (Beck et al, Nature 2007; Science 2004)
  • Retroviral envelope protein complex and GAG in situ (Förster et al, PNAS 2005; Zanetti et al, PLOS Pathogens 2007, Briggs et al, PNAS 2010)
  • Classification of GroEL vs GroEL/GroES (Förster et al, JSB 2008)

Obtaining AV3



  • TOM