Cryo-Electron Tomography data analysis

In situ structure determination by subtomogram analysis

Subtomogram analysis
Averaging and classification of sub-tomograms.

We aim to establish single particle Cryo-ET as a method for determining density maps of membrane-associated and transient complexes in different conformations at resolutions of 10 Å or better. At this resolution level protein folds can be recognized and fitting of atomic models into EM maps is generally reliable. In particular, we devise methods for accurate reconstruction of 3D volumes from 2D electron micrographs, for localization and identification of specific macromolecular complexes in tomographic volumes, for coherent averaging of subtomograms depicting the same type of complex, and for their examination of their conformational landscape. Thus, we provide the computational framework to capture the different conformations of complexes in their physiological environment.

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