E-mail signature and promotional banner

A uniform e-mail signature creates a more professional image. Use the example signature in Word file linked below to quickly create your own e-mail signature. It is not compulsory to copy this signature in its entirety: put the information you deem necessary in the signature.

Mail and parcels for Utrecht University employees arrive at a central point and are distributed from there. Do you sometimes receive mail or parcels from work relations? Then use the extended version from the Word document.

Download example

Dutch and English versions

You can create 2 signatures, one for national and one for international correspondence. In the menu bar of the mail you can indicate by mail which signature you want to place. More information about setting up and using an email signature can be found on intranet: create a signature.

Default settings

Default settings for font (Arial), color (black) and font size (e.g. 8,5pt) are easy to set in Outlook. Please refer to the manual at: support.office.com. If you copy the example from the Word file, the formatting is automatically correct.

      Pronouns as part of email signature

      You can choose to add your pronouns after your name so as to let others know how they can refer to you. This is how you also contribute to acknowledging the gender identity of others. Everyone is free to include pronouns in their email signature. Read more about using inclusive languageĀ in the university style guide.

      Example e-mail signature

      Veterinary Medicine

      The faculty of Veterinary Medicine uses a slightly expanded version of this signature. Download the example file.

      Promotional banner

      If you want to promote an event or campaign, you can add a promotional banner to your email signature.

      Guidelines using a promotional banner:

      • Use a banner sparingly. The more often it is used the more the recipient becomes blind to it.
      • A banner is always secondary to the UU logo/pay-off combination and is placed below the logo.
      • Use only 1 promo banner in your mail.
      • Use the banner temporarily and communicate 1 message e.g. an event.
      • Make sure the content of the promo banner is relevant to the recipient. It should match their interests and needs.
      • Add a Call To Action.
      • It is possible to add a hyperlink to the banner.
      • Do not use animations. These distract and it may cause the mail to end up in the spam folder.
      • There are two formats to keep in mind: the size in pixels and the size in kilobytes (kB).
        • Size in pixels
          Size of the banner maximum 600 pixels wide x maximum 200 pixels high.
        • Size in kB
          The size in kB is the amount of disk space the banner takes up when stored on an e-mail server. Try to keep the promo banner under 50 kB. This ensures fast sending.
      • The smaller and simpler the banner is, the more user-friendly.
      • A promo banner should follow standard UU guidelines on font, colour usage and image usage and should comply with the AVG legislation.
      Example of a promotional banner in an email