Our current logo has been around since the 17th century. The yellow sun makes our logo very unique and recognisable. Over the centuries, our logo has been adapted to the spirit of the times.

Improved readability
We improved the readability of the logo by making the words 'University' and 'Utrecht' bigger and placing them underneath each other.

Voorbeeld van het aangepaste UU-logo

To minimise costs of implementing and using this new version of our logo replace the current version of the logo in offline communications and buildings when in need of replacement.

The size of the Sol and the white space around the logo have remained the same.

Logo use by external parties

Are you an external party such as a supplier, do you work with the university and do you want to put the university logo on your website, for example? If so, you will need permission to do so. The university has copyright and trademark rights to the logo and using it without permission could lead to legal action. The commissioning party / organisational unit of the university and the Brand Team must give approval for it to be used. Modification of the logo (shape, colour, text) is not allowed.

The logo is issued only for the relevant request and period. Use for other productions is not allowed. For this you will have to reapply.

Logo use by student associations

Student associations are allowed to use the UU logo in their communications in a number of instances. To avoid confusion about the sender, use of the UU corporate identity is not allowed.

In principle, a student association may include the UU logo when:

  • The association is acknowledged by the UU;
  • The association receives support from the UU in the form of subsidy and/or accommodation;
  • It must be clear in words and images that the communication comes from a student association.
  • The UU logo must be smaller than other logos and placed at no more than 75% of the logo height of the main sender.
  • Furthermore, all general guidelines for logo use must be followed as described on this page.


If Utrecht University is a sponsor, for example of an event organised by an external organisation, there is room for a sponsor logo on various communication items. In most cases, placing the university logo will suffice. It may be important to add the name of a department alongside the name of Utrecht University. This can be done via the sender block as described here.

Different guidelines apply to partnerships, which can be found here.

There is one logo for Utrecht University, in various colour variants. There are rules for using the logo.

We want to be clear and consistent in our communication. One basic requirement therefor is to feature the Utrecht University logo on all communication. There is a Dutch and English logo available. The English logo is used for communication materials that are not in Dutch, or in multiple languages.

Important to know

The Utrecht University logo has a set amount of white space, as indicated with the grey dotted line below. It is not permitted to place text or other graphic elements in this space. The required whitespace is already added to the logo files.

The logo may not be modified in any way in terms of shape, colour or text. Nor may the Sol be disconnected from the text. The only exception is the avatar. The logo is used as it can be downloaded here. A decision to deviate from this may be made in agreement with the brand team.

Vereiste witruimte rondom het logo

Logos for digital applications

For digital use, there are full colour, white and black variants available in Dutch and in English. (.jpg/.png version)

Download the logo with the white background
Download the logo with the transparant background

Alternatively, there is also a version of the logo available where the white space is not included in the image itself. We recommend using this version (in Dutch and English) in cases where the logo will be imported in existing (online) templates or platforms.

Logo's for printed matters

For printed matters, there are full colour, pantone black-plus-one colour, white and black variants available in Dutch and in English. (illustrator version)

Download the Dutch logo
Download the English logo

A new pay-off

In addition to a adjusted logo, we are also introducing a new pay-off. The new pay-off is based on our mission and the principles of the Strategic Plan. You can find more information about the pay-off here.

The adjusted logo with the new pay-off

Logo with sub-sender

Units within the university that need communication materials, can use our block system, which is explained on our brand architecture page. Below you will find the Illustrator files that serve as templates for the block system. There is one version specifically for teaching and research centres and institutes, and one that can be used university-wide. The difference between the two is the fonts you can use. For more information about our brand fonts, go here.

Download block system
Download block system for centres and institutes
General sub sender block