Corporate Identity Platform

The old image bank is no longer accessible. The images that are GDPR compliant have been transferred to the new image library. If images are missing, it is because they do not meet legal requirements.

Utrecht University has a corporate identity platform with images and templates according to corporate identity guidelines. This platform contributes to the professionalisation of communication tools, a consistent appearance and guarantees that the available images comply with GDPR regulations.

The platform consists of the following components:

Accessible to anyone with a Solis ID:

  • Material bank of (audiovisual) visual material (all images comply with AVG requirements), including corporate identity elements such as: UU logo variants, Powerpoint, Keynote and Word templates, Corporate presentation, icons.
  • Wizards for signage posters and report covers. For business cards, there is a link to the wizard in the Canon webshop.

Accessible to all with Solis ID and licence:

  • Templates for the layout of simple communication tools such as flyers, posters, invitations, leaflets, roll-up banners, etc.
  • Education brochures

Using the corporate identity platform with all its components is done online, no separate software is required. Do you want to use the platform and log into the Material Bank? Then all you need is a Solis ID. Once logged in, you have immediate access to all images and the two wizards.

To use the templates in the corporate identity platform, you need a Solis ID and a licence. A licence can be requested via the communication department (intranet, login required) of your faculty or department.

Read all relevant information on the corporate identity platform (intranet, login required)
Access the corporate identity platform (login required)
Screenshot of the corporate identity platform


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