Three standard fonts

The Merriweather and Open Sans are our standard fonts for all communication. Centres and institutes of the UU can also use the Zilla Slab as an alternative for the Merriweather. The Merriweather is a serif font, with a high x-height, a bit narrow lettershape, a pronounced serif and an open expression.

Overzicht font Merriweather

The Open Sans is a sans serif, it has open shapes and a neutral but friendly expression. It is optimized for print-, web and mobile interfaces and has a good legibility. The Open Sans also has a condensed version. The Open Sans condensed is best used as a heading, quote, subheading but not for body text.

Overzicht font Open Sans

The Merriweather and Open Sans complement each other and offer variaties in classic and modern look and feeling.

Zilla Slab

The Zilla Slab is a modern slab serif combining smooth lines and subtile thin-thick ratios. Giving the font a surprising industial look and feel that remains accessible Centres and institutes can use the Zilla Slab as an alternative for the Merriweather. We recommend using the Zilla Slab for headlines, quotes etc., for body text use the Merriweather or Open Sans.

Overzicht font Zilla Slab

Merriweather, Open Sans and Zilla Slab are open license fonts and available on every Solis-workplace. You can also download the fonts for free via Google Fonts (Merriweather, Open Sans, Open Sans Condensed, Zilla Slab). Designers that use Adobe Creative Cloud can install them via Adobe Typekit.

Fonts in MS-Office
When the Merriweather or Open Sans are not available in MS-Office you can use Arial, which is available in all standard software and operating systems.