Throughout the year, we curate an array of events that aim to create awareness and encourage solutions towards global challenges. Our events cover a broad range of topics, including research, education, and impact initiatives. By means of our events, we seek to promote collaboration among experts from various fields and spark meaningful discussions around the most pressing issues of our time.

Public Engagement

At UGlobe, public engagement is considered a vital aspect of its mission to address global challenges through research, education, and societal impact. Embedded in a socially engaged university, UGlobe recognizes the value of engaging with stakeholders beyond the academic community to foster meaningful collaborations and tackle complex societal issues.

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Global Perspectives

UGlobe boasts a vibrant and distinctive community comprising over 40 research and teaching fellows. This community is characterized by its dynamic and inspirational nature, as its members are all dedicated to experimental and transformative projects that are developed in close collaboration with partners in society. Furthermore, these fellows have a global perspective and secure funding from non-conventional sources, which enhances the uniqueness of this community.

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Partners and Networks

Our UGlobe community works closely together with three Strategic Research Themes within Utrecht University: Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies and Pathways to Sustainability. Moreover, UGlobe is embedded in an expansive international network, collaborating closely with partners located in the global south.

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