ICEL Toolkit

What is Community Engaged Learning?

CEL is experiential education in which students, teachers, and external partners work together on societal challenges. CEL integrates societal engagement with academic study and reflection to enrich and enhance the learning experience and contribute to community needs.

Community Engaged Learning comes in different forms. At UGlobe, we prioritize projects that:

  • intersect with our core research themes of human rights, conflict & security, sustainability, and equity;
  • look beyond disciplinary boundaries;
  • connect with global partners or show how global challenges manifest in local needs; and
  • focus on the development of transformative competencies.

UGlobe International CEL projects

How will the Centre for Global Challenges promote International CEL?

  1. Project design: UGlobe develops new international CEL initiatives. The focus is on international CEL projects that intersect the research focus areas human rights, conflict & security, sustainability, and equity, and are transdisciplinary and transformative in nature.
  2. Collaboration: UGlobe facilitates collaboration between academic and societal stakeholders from around the world, encouraging a global perspective at Utrecht University.
  3. Knowledge exchange: UGlobe promotes knowledge sharing amongst UU faculty by developing CEL resources and hosting international CEL events.  

ICEL toolkit

UGlobe has developed a toolkit, in collaboration with the programme Community Engaged Learning and the Centre for Academic Teaching. It covers an explanation of what Community Engaged Learning is (for the UU) and good practices, 5 steps to integrate ICEL in your teaching, how to develop and maintain relationships with societal partners and how to stimulate students to reflect. The three latest tools include online CEL, CEL learning goals, and CEL assessment and evaluation. New tools focusing on international CEL are currently being developed.