Decolonisation group- the continued colonialism platform (2019)

This research project aims to create an open-access online platform, set up as a website, that will help academics to understand and identify the long legacies of decolonisation such as racism and global inequality. It is follow up on the 2018 Decolonisation Group project.

It will do so by providing top scholarly work in accessible forms bringing together scholarly conversations and public-oriented content. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate the collaboration with activists and organisations that advocate for social justice by helping them get in touch with academics who study decolonisation as a topic of history, law or postcolonial theory. 

The website will be divided in different ‘target groups’. These groups are tailored to the needs of five groups of professionals. These groups will include: museum professionals, Archivists, High school teachers, Media-professionals and Academics. 

The knowledge on this platform will be transferred through several instruments including: podcast pertaining to current issues and events, a database that includes information and articles related to decolonialism and YouTube clips in which experts and professionals explain how they tackled the challenge of decolonising their expertise. 
For an introduction to our past activities you can consult the following link.