About us


The Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges (UGlobe) promotes global engagement in research and education at Utrecht University. We partner across the university and support a variety of interdisciplinary collaborations with academic- ánd societal partners, especially in low and middle income countries. Together we aim for real-world impact and joint learning.

At Utrecht University, a global outlook that extends beyond the boundaries of Western Europe and North America is essential for exceptional research and education.

Global Challenges

With 85% of the world's population residing in low and middle-income countries, challenges such as climate change, the consequences of ongoing conflicts, the spread of fake news, democratic limitations, refugee flows, and medical shortages are not limited to country borders. As a socially responsible institution, it is crucial that our research contributes to solving these significant issues while enabling our students to develop a comprehensive global perspective. 

Testing Ground

UGlobe is a testing ground where researchers and students from Utrecht University and social partners worldwide come together to explore new forms of collaboration. Drawing on insights generated by this testing ground over the past year, this report presents a range of perspectives on tackling global challenges. By showcasing diverse viewpoints, we seek to foster innovative and effective solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.


Our collaborations involve ambitious experimental signature projects that integrate research, education, and impact. You can find them on our research page. The Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges warmly invites you to explore our activities, accomplishments, challenges, and objectives on this website.

UGlobe Program Report

Explore our achievements and initiatives in the UGlobe community through our Program Report. Dive into key statistics, timelines, and flagship stories such as Open Cities and Contesting Governance. Discover how initiatives like Global Education Lab and Navigating Deep Transitions are driving impactful change.

Read the UGlobe Program Report by clicking the image