The Clean Air project: Where ‘Citizen Science’ meets Law

Air pollution is one of the greatest challenges of our time, especially in cities, where air pollution, reaches its climax. Utrecht is also dealing with air quality challenges especially during rush hours. 

The Clean Air Projects aims to actively involve those who are affected by poor air quality and play a role in solving the issue. Namely, stakeholders such as: students, inhabitants of Utrecht, SME’s and the local NGOs in order to tackle the ‘glocal’ air pollution challenge. Through four different activities, organised during the beginning of June, this project will try to make science more accessible and create awareness amongst the above-mentioned stakeholders. 

The first activity will consist of a ‘Community science short course’ open to inhabitants and students of all faculties. In this course of 8 hours spread over 2 days, participants will try to answer specific questions about air pollution through research design and the execution of measurements under the supervision of UU scientists. Furthermore, there will be a moot court for students in order to stimulate them to actively think about legal challenges to tackle air pollution as well as a public event bringing together several experts.