Integrated knowledge for future delta life

Deltas are attractive areas to live in and therefore densely populated. However they are threatened by human impact and climate change. Dealing with these threats requires a solid understanding of how natural and societal systems interact. Future Deltas develops integrated knowledge for future delta life.


17 November 2017
Future Deltas organized and hosted an International Symposium and hackathon on the Water-Food-Biodiversity Nexus in Global Changing Deltas.
16 November 2017
The 2016 seed fund has enabled researchers Joost Vervoort, Karin Rebel and Astrid Mangnus to contribute to developing a prototype flexible simulation game.
9 November 2017
More than 350 Participants from 42 nations attended the five-day WCRP/IOC Sea Level 2017 Conference. Read the report.