Integrated knowledge for future delta life

Deltas are attractive areas to live in and therefore densely populated. However they are threatened by human impact and climate change. Dealing with these threats requires a solid understanding of how natural and societal systems interact. Future Deltas developed integrated knowledge for future delta life.

The Future Deltas programme is now being continued in the Water, Climate & Future Deltas hub.


28 August 2019
Wrong assumptions linked to political decisions make related problems like salinisation and flooding even more urgent for inhabitants of the delta
14 August 2019
Urgent action is needed to minimise the disruption of sediment delivery and improve the resilience of deltas, concludes by a new study lead by Dr Frances Dunn.
9 August 2019
Calculations by hydrologists from Utrecht University formed the basis for the 2019 Water Risk Atlas.


14 January 2020 13:00 - 17:00
5th Edition of the annual Christiaan Brunings Lecture, bringing together the scientists, practitioners and managers of rivers and estuaries.