Practicum Adviseren Waterrecht

For the course “Practicum Adviseren Waterrecht”, groups of 3-4 students consult and advise Dutch Water Management Authorities (Waterschappen en Rijkswaterstaat) in selected legal issues. Students are required to contact ‘their clients’ themselves and further determine and formulate concrete research questions in close consultation. After this orientation phase, students conduct their actual research, deliver an advisory report and present this to their client. The success factor of this course is that students, apart from gaining substantive knowledge about Dutch water law, learn a lot about consulting and consultancy in real-life and often present creative solutions which are relevant and valuable to practice. Therefore, partners are willing to cooperate in this course and are mostly satisfied with the results.


Training and gaining legal skills, in particular consultancy/advisory experience; applying legal knowledge in practice; work independently; deliver practical relevant advice.

Students ec’s for this assignment


Teacher effort (hours)

Approximately 10 hours per group (including discussing strategies, answering questions, reading and discussing drafts and final reports; not including preparations for the course (e.g. contracting clients, selecting cases, organizing guest lectures etc.))

Final product

Advisory reports and presentations

Assessment criteria

Independence; creativity; initiative; professionality; writing skills; presentation skills; planning capacity; group work/division of tasks.


Herman Kasper Gilissen,