Utrecht University is committed to finding sustainable solutions for societal challenges. Students use the acquired knowledge to learn about and research various scientific and societal problems. The results of students’ research get oftentimes graded based on their papers, case-notes, bachelor and master thesis, to name but a few.

So far, we have archived students’ papers and thesis and have done hardly anything with interesting findings of good student’s research. Isn’t that a pity? Yes, it is! What can teachers and students do about this?

Added-value of good students’ research

On this website, we present ideas of how the outcomes of good student research have been and thus can be put to ‘practice’ and contribute to the work of the University in its three key directions: research, education, and societal outreach. We offer a number of ideas that have been initiated by teachers at Utrecht University as part of ongoing courses or extra curriculum. The presentation of these examples aims at showing how and where good students’ research results could be used and at fueling the development of other ideas and practices in the academic curriculum of the University. In short, let us not waste good students’ research but give it an added-value!

Use student research in:

Other ideas?

Depending on the needs and peculiarities of a particular subject area, discipline and course, you may think about other initiatives to support your research, teaching and societal outreach in the area of your expertise with good students’ research! Ask also your students about their ideas in these respects!

Why use student research?