Software Technology for Learning and Teaching

Digital tools have become increasingly relevant in education and training. They provide an opportunity for an interactive, and ideally personalized, experience when acquiring new skills; thus providing not only a richer understanding of the subject as a whole, but also tailors to the needs of the individual student.

Screenshot from the Communicate!-application

As a group, we take knowledge, experience, and tools from the field of software technology, and relate them to a specific research question: how can we apply these to create better digital learning and teaching experiences? – This, however, is not a one-way street. The knowledge gained from application plays a crucial role in further developments and the creation of novel designs an concepts that further the field of software technology as a whole.

This continuous feedback-loop is a major strength of our group, and it directs our work both in fundamental research and in applied sciences; helping us to tackle bottlenecks in both areas.


The Software Technology for Learning and Teaching group has an excellent and active relationship with the Software Technology group at the department of Information and Computing Sciences Utrecht.