The software presented on this page has been written by members and previous members of the Software Technology Group.

schematic description of the UHC Toolchain
Schematic representation of the UHC internal toolchain

Helium, Haskell compiler for learning Haskell


 Helium is a functional programming language (a subset of Haskell) and a compiler designed especially for teaching.
Authors/Maintainers Jurriaan Hage, and Bastiaan Heeren
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Parser Combinators

Parser Combinators The Utrecht University parser combinator library provides online, error correction, annotation free, applicative style parser combinators. In addition to this there is a monadic and an idomatic interface. Parsers do analyse themselves to avoid commonly made errors.
Authors/Maintainers Doaitse Swierstra

T3: Automated Unit Testing Tool for JAVA


 T3 is a powerful automated unit testing tool to test Java classes. Given a target class to test, it randomly generates sequences of calls to the class' methods to test it. It catches unexpected exception; but if you had written assertions in the class, then violations to those will be caught as well.
Authors/Maintainers Wishnu Prasetya

UHC, Utrecht Haskell Compiler

UHC UHC is the Utrecht Haskell Compiler. UHC supports almost all Haskell98 features plus experimental extensions. UHC is written using UUAGC.
Authors/Maintainers Atze Dijkstra, Doaitse Swierstra, and Jeroen Fokker
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UUAGC, Utrecht University Attribute Grammar Compiler


 UUAGC is the Utrecht University Attribute Grammar Compiler, a preprocessor for Haskell which makes it easy to define tree walks using the intuitive concepts of inherited and synthesized attributes.
Authors/Maintainers Jeroen Bransen, Arie Middelkoop, Doaitse Swierstra, and Atze Dijkstra
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