PhD projects

Below is a selection of current and recent PhD projects.

Description   A Domain-Specific Language for simulation, synthesis and verification of hardware circuits, using techniques of Dependently-Typed Programming.
Status   active
PhD Candidate   João Paulo Pizani Flor
Supervisor   Wouter Swierstra
Reference   Pi-Ware on Gitlab
Revision Control of Structured Data
Description   Development of a general theory of change and generic tool for the version control of structured data.
Status   active
PhD Candidate   Victor Cacciari Miraldo
Supervisor   Wouter Swierstra
DOMain-Specific Type Error Diagnosis (DOMSTED)
Description   Programmable error messages for DSLs
Status   active
PhD Candidate   Alejandro Serrano Mena
Supervisor   Jurriaan Hage
Higher-Ranked Polyvariance Explored
Description   Analysis of exceptions in functional languages
Status   active (being finished)
PhD Candidate   Ruud Koot
Supervisor   Jurriaan Hage
Incremental Evaluation Attribute Grammars
Description   Attribute grammar evaluation which limits re-evaluation to that what has changed
Status   recently finished
PhD Candidate   Jeroen Bransen
Supervisor   Doaitse Swierstra, Atze Dijkstra
Reference   Dissertation available in the Utrecht Universtiy Repository