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Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC)

The Public Procurement Research Centre (PPRC) is an interdisciplinary research centre in the field of contracting and procurement in the public sector.

Quantum Gravity, Strings and Elementary Particles

The main research areas of this research group are quantum gravity, quantum field theory, string theory, and cosmology.

Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells

This growing field converges biomedical research, innovative technology and patient care.

Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells and Cancer

The overall aim of the RM&SC program is to develop new stem cell based therapies to cure presently incurable diseases, and to develop preventive strategies for such diseases.

Regulation and Enforcement

The Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE) focuses on the relationship between regulation and enforcement at the interplay of national, European and other levels of government as well as private spheres of regulatory enforcement.


The Religious Studies research group focuses on religion - christianity and islam in particular - from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Risk Assessment

The overall aim of the Risk Assessment of Toxic and Immuno-modulatory Agents (RATIA) program is to improve the scientific basis for assessment of risk to humans, animals, and ecosystems from exposure to potentially harmful agents in the environment, in occupational settings, through vaccination, and through the food chain.

River and Delta Morphodynamics

We study the processes that sculpt the landscapes of alluvial fans, rivers and floodplains, deltas and estuaries, operating on time scales of single floods to centuries.


We extract information from earthquakes recorded at global and regional seismic networks to produce three-dimensional models of the Earth'sinterior, mostly using supercomputing.

Soft Condensed Matter Biophysics

This research group studies the physics of soft matter model systems and, using these insights, fabricates new mesostructured materials from them.

Software Systems

The research on software technology improves programming languages, helps programmers by providing powerful tools, and develops example products that emphasize the feasibility of the approach.

Stratigraphy and Paleontology

We carry out research in the field of (biological) validation of proxies and the development of time scales.

Structural Geology

We study structures and deformation processes in the Earth at all scales, from nanostructures to plate boundaries using tools ranging from electron microscopy to field geology.


This research theme aims to unravel system Earth for a sustainable future.


The Tectonics Group conducts innovative research to get a better understanding of the tectonic processes that control the mechanical deformation and thermal evolution of the Earth’s lithosphere and sedimentary basins.


Tectonophysics (or lithospheric geodynamics) concentrates on trying to understand mantle and lithospheric processes that shape our planet.

Theoretical Biology and Bioinformatics

This research group studies computational biology, ranging from bioinformatics and mathematical modeling to computer simulation, with an overarching interest in evolution.

Translation Studies

Utrecht is the centre for translation education and research in the Netherlands.

Urban and Regional Planning

Our research program endeavours to further our understanding of how and why different – often co-existing – modes of governance either do or do not result in (environmentally) sustainable outcomes.

Urban Geography

Interactions between the behaviour of individuals and their households and the social and material-spatial structures at varying temporal and spatial scales