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The research in this group is focused on the understanding of the mechanisms involved in secretion of proteins, and the role of secreted proteins in bacterial membrane biogenesis and fungal growth and development.

Molecular Plant Physiology

This research group investigates sugar-, light- and high temperature-mediated signal transduction mechanisms and how this controls growth in plants.

Montaigne Centre for Rule of Law and Administration of Justice

The Montaigne Centre combines multidimensional expertise in the field of judicial administration and conflict resolution. The main themes are studied from the legal, legal theoretical, socio-psychological and criminological perspective.

Multidisciplinary Economics

Joint research programme of U.S.E. Research Institute that deals with themes like: the future of work, behavioural insights for policy making, entrepreneurship, sustainable finance and sustainability and economic development.


The Musicology research group studies music and its cultural meanings in any period or culture.

Natural Hazards and Earth Observation

We investigate the impact of global change and human activities: will hazards occur more often and more severe in the future? Our aim is to quantify and forecast natural hazards and to advice in the development of sustainable land management options.


The research in this group aims at gaining fundamental insight into biological processes using solution and solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

Oceans & Climate

The ultimate goal of this research group is to understand and correctly simulate the ocean component of the climate system.

Organic Chemistry & Catalysis

This multi-disciplinary research group studies topics as diverse as synthetic and physical organic chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, and bioinorganic chemistry.


Palaeoecology studies past environmental dynamics by means of palaeo-reconstructions combined with experiments and observations to understand past and present behavior of biota in relation to humans, climate and natural competition.


We investigate variatons of the geomagnetic field, neotectonic and geodynamical research, and rock magnetism & environmental magnetism


The core activity of this research group is the design and pre-clinical testing of tailor-made drug delivery systems.

Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology

This research group is directed at several epidemiological, therapeutic, and policy aspects of chronic drug use, especially focusing on anti-asthmatics, cardiovascular drugs, and psychotropics.


This research group deals mainly with the immunopharmacology of the respiratory and gastrointestinal system.


The philosophers at Utrecht University study theoretical and practical philosophy as well as the history of philosophy.

Physical Colloid Chemistry

This research group is focused on the self-organisation of colloids and nanoparticles in liquid media.

Plant Ecophysiology

This research group studies the complex interactions between plants and their environment.

Plant-Microbe Interactions

This research group aims to unravel at the molecular level how the plant immune system orchestrates interactions with beneficial microbes, pathogens and insects.

Political History

The Political History group studies political and social relations from the Early Modern period until the present day.

Public Matters

Utrecht University School of Governance studies public issues and public organisations in their interaction with the developments in politics and society. The research programme is divided into 2 major research lines: Public Governance and Management (PGM) and Managing Social Issues (MSI).