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Institute of Biodynamics and Biocomplexity

Researchers at this institute perform interdisciplinary research that combines biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics to understand living systems.

Institute of Environmental Biology

Inspired by nature, the Institute of Environmental Biology aims to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions for urgent societal problems such as future food security, ecological consequences of climate change, and protection of our natural resources.

Institute of Information and Computing Sciences

This institute combines expertise on computer science and information science. From the various disciplines within these fields, there is a main focus on game technology as a primary application domain.

Institutions for open societies

Scholars from the fields of economics, history, public administration, culture, law, sociology, social psychology, ethics, innovation studies, and geography join forces to find answers to the following key questions: Why do societies develop so divergently? And how do institutions contribute to the formation of open and sustainable societies?

Interaction Technology

This research line explores the interaction between humans and information, knowledge, and entertainment.

International Development Studies

The International Development Studies (IDS) research programme provides an innovative contribution to our understanding of development within a context of globalization.

Language and Speech

The Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS is the home of linguistic and communication research.

Languages and Cultures

Education and research in the fields of Dutch, German, English, French, Italian, Celtic and Spanish languages and cultures.


The research group Literature covers a broad scope of themes concerning our literary past and present.

Mantle Dynamics

We study how geodynamic processes of the Earth’s mantle couple to tectonic evolution of the crust and to the deformation of the Earth’s surface.

Mathematical Institute

The Mathematical Institute conducts high level research in pure and applied mathematics

Mathematical Institute

The goal of this institute is to contribute top-level research in many core areas of mathematics, both pure and applied mathematics.

Mathematical modeling

Mathematicians investigate solution structures, assess dynamics, stability, and the dependence on parameters.

Measurements and Analysis

This research group investigates elliptic flow, parton energy loss, heavy quark production and direct photon production.

Media and Performance

The Media and Performance research group focuses on media and performative art in past and present.

Medieval Culture

Research and education in the field of medieval studies at Utrecht University is united in the Utrecht Centre for Medieval Studies (UCMS).

Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics

This research group investigates signal transduction mechanisms mediated by sugar, light, and high temperature, and studies how these control growth in plants.

Methodology and Statistics

In this Research Priority we develop methodological and statistical techniques that can be used to improve social science research.


Research in the group of Microbiology focuses on understanding the mechanisms involved in secretion of protein.