Student Theses


Redox flow battery: an open-source and accessible energy storage solution
Catherine Doherty, July 2021, Bachelor thesis.

Celestial navigation
Laura Scheffer, July 2021, Master thesis. 

Nonlinear effects in a GaInP photonic crystal slab
Jerom Baas, July 2021, Master thesis.

The dark side of machine optics
Roman Danser, July 2021, Bachelor thesis.

Clogging of colloidal particles in a microchannel using an electro-osmotic micropump
Thijs Karman, June 2021, Bachelor thesis.

Optimizing nano-oscillators
Elise Alkemade, June 2021, Bachelor thesis.

Off-axis signal detection in ptychography
Kira Maathuis, April 2021, Master thesis.

Simulating optical scattering in disordered media using KWANT - working at the interface between electronic transport theory and optics
Filippo Bezzi, March 2021, Bachelor thesis. 


Electron-induced carrier dynamics in semiconductors
Marnix Vreugdenhil, September 2020, Master thesis.

Transmission and beam shaping of a Gaussian light beam passing through a dense rubidium vapour
Gijs Buist, August 2020, Master thesis.

Non-linear optical effects in cold and hot rubidium gases
Arjon van Lange, 26 August 2020, PhD thesis.

Investigating quasiparticle poisoning in floating hybrid double dot devices using gate-based sensing
Nejc Blaznik, August 2020, Master thesis.

Measurements of channels and time delay of light in strongly scattering media
Jeroen Bosch, 2 July 2020, PhD thesis.

Ultra-fast laser ablation dynamics using beam shaping
Dashdeleg Baasanjav, 4 June 2020, PhD thesis.

Nanosprings and the electric double layer
Janice van Dam, June 2020, Bachelor thesis.

Accurate statistics from optical transmission matrix measurements
Pritam Pai, 31 March 2020, PhD thesis.


Potentiodynamic optical contrast
Kevin Namink, December 2019, Master thesis.

Super Resolution Ptychography
Vasilis Gouliaditis, 2019, Master thesis.

Robust Calibration of Optical Metrology System
Vasilis Gouliaditis, 2019, Master thesis.

The importance of nonlinearity for physical neural networks
Bram Verreussel, 2019, Bachelor thesis.

The effect of noise on an optical machine learning model
Sybren Huitink, 2019, Bachelor thesis.

Non-Markovian stochastic resonance in a tunable optical microcavity
Kevin Peters, July 2019, Master thesis. 

Measurements on electrical properties of water while acoustically levitated
Allard Veenstra, January 2019, Bachelor thesis.

Effects of local heating on resonances in photonic crystal nanocavities
Mark Mollema, January 2019, Bachelor thesis.

Measuring size and electrophoretic mobility of sub 100 nm particles by single particle tracking
Peter Speets, January 2019, Master thesis.


Bose-Einstein condensation of photons
Sebastiaan Greveling, 18 September 2018, PhD thesis.

Developing fluorescence microscopy setup to study microscopic solute transport in saturated and unsaturated porous media using microfluidics
Qianjing Tang, August 2018, Master thesis.

Imaging through scattering media
Tommaso Pavolini, July 2018, Master thesis.

Quasi-2D optical dipole trapping of Bose-Einstein condensates
Wouter Varenkamp, July 2018, Master thesis.

Remote viscosity measurement of acoustically levitated colloidal droplets
Milo Collaris, July 2018, Bachelor thesis.

Thermalization and effective interactions in photon condensates
Charly Beulenkamp, June 2018, Master thesis.

Relation between surface charge and the flow rate within microfluidic channels
Lorenzo Sierra Perez, June 2018, Bachelor thesis.

Thermally induced non-linearity in a CROW photonic crystal.
Hilbrand Wouters, June 2018, Bachelor thesis.

Characterizing the length of a femtosecond pulse at a microscopic sample plane.
Sylviane Roscam-Abbing, June 2018, Master thesis.

Thermalization and gain clamping in a photon Bose-Einstein condensate.
Maarten Droste, June 2018, Bachelor thesis.

Holographic imaging of Bose-Einstein condensates.
Sanne Loth, June 2018, Master thesis.

Characterization & tuning of double cavity optomechanical nanobeams.
Hessel Jagers, 2018, Master thesis.

Femtosecond doublepulse laser ablation of water.
Marnix Vreugdenhil, 2018, Bachelor thesis.

Over de refractiewet van Snellius, circa 600 jaar voor Snellius: Ibn Sahl en de refractiewet
Y. El Yandouzi, January 2018, Bachelor thesis.


Simulations of femtosecond laser excitation in bulk silica
Charly Beulenkamp, July 2017, Minor Research project.

Using an optical conveyor for light-matter interaction experiments.
Kostas Voutyras, June 2017, Master thesis.

Towards absolute scattering cross section of nanoparticles and single molecules
Zeyu Kuang, May 2017, Bachelor thesis.

Feedback control: theoretical and experimental research using a keysight DAQ
Tom Niessen, 2017, Bachelor thesis.

Optical trapping and cooling of single atoms.
David van der Flier, 2017, Master thesis.

Dynamic tuning of photonic crystal nanocavities
Sergei Sokolov, 27 january 2017, PhD thesis.


A Versatile Atom Transport Apparatus for Photonics
Björn Ole Mußmann, 7 September 2016, PhD thesis.

Characterisation of Transport in Bose-Einstein Condensates Below and Above the Critical Velocity.
Koen Sponselee, August 2016, Master thesis.

VIS/NIR Photocurrent Spectroscopy on Organic Semiconductors by Lock-in Amplification.
Adriaan van der Feltz, August 2016, Master thesis.

Size Analysis of Trapped Goldnanoparticles using Polarimetry.
Anne de Beurs, August 2016, Master thesis.

Control of resonances in photonic crystal waveguides
Jin Lian, 13 July 2016, PhD thesis.

Effect of Damping on Stability of Gold Nanoparticles in a Quadrupole Trap.
James Findley-de Regt, July 2016, Master thesis.

Phase imprinting of vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates using shaped light.
Jasper Smits, July 2016, Master thesis.

An Experimental Design to Beamshape Ultrashort Pulses.
Robbert Schoo, July 2016, Master thesis.

Cerenkov Wakes in Ultra-Cold Sodium Gases.
Guanqiao Li, July 2016, Master thesis.

Self-Scattering of Gold Nano-particles under Femtosecond Laser Ablation Conditions.
Gordian Zomer, July 2016, Master thesis.

Wavefront Shaping; Developing a demonstration setup
Suzan Marsman, July 2016, bachelor thesis.

Interference in a Bose-Einstein Condensate.
Broos Vermeulen, June 2016, Master thesis.

DIY optical microscope
Kevin Namink, June 2016, Bachelor thesis.

Determining the radius of trapped gold nanoparticles with Mie scattering theory.
Sylviane Roscam-Abbing, June 2016, Bachelor thesis. 

Polarization of a Photon Bose-Einstein Condensate.
Hessel Jagers, June 2016, Bachelor thesis.

Photon Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Dye-Filled Microcavity.
Karindra Perrier, May 2016, Master thesis.

Femtosecond laser nano-ablation of glass surfaces and their self-scattering effects. Jasper Clarijs, March 2016, Master thesis.

Experiments on Ablation of Dielectrics on Gold, and Water.
Marcel Scholten, January 2016, Master thesis.