Laser system

The Nanophotonics group operates a sub-picosecond tunable pulsed laser system for Spectroscopy, Ablation and Manipulation by Picosecond Laser pulses of high Energy (SAMPLE).
It currently consists of a Light Conversion Pharos pump laser and an Orpheus collinear OPA which can be tuned from 350-3000 nm, delivering pulses with a duration of <200 fs. The pulse energy is up to 0.4 mJ at 1050 nm, at a repetition rate of up to 25 kHz (much lower pulse energies at other wavelengths due to conversion losses). An important feature of this system is the ease of tuning, which is completely computer controlled.

This laser system is operated as a facility which is open for users affiliated to or collaborating with Utrecht University. Users can bring their experiment on a 700x700 mm breadboard which can be placed in a reserved space next to the laser on our optical table. They can make use of the fundamental, second order, signal and idler beams and harmonics within the range of our crystals.