NanoLINX is an active advocate of community-supported open-science. We envision the day when for getting access to a research lab one would only need a brilliant new idea and (perhaps) a plastic prototype. To move towards this dream, we have started the U-fab, a fablab in the Ornstein laboratory, and the 1000-Euro Proefjes project.

The activities in U-fab aim for an open-collaboration platform. We hope to build a local community of all those creative and enthusiastic people who like to learn modern physics through experiments, and all those who are willing to support them. Our current resources are limited, but for this goal, we will keep on sharing our most valuable assets: our ideas and our knowledge. To access and use the U-fab equipment, please contact Sanli Faez.

The main goal of the “1000 Euro Proefjes” project is to assemble simple, direct, and educational low-cost experimental demonstrations for the fundamental concepts related to one of the recent major discoveries in physics. A limited number of grants are also available, which will be awarded based on written applications.