The Diversity Game

The game lets its participants consider, choose and defend (and possibly reconsider) alternative courses of action regarding a realistic dilemma themed around diversity and inclusion on the workfloor. Participants will also come to appreciate the dilemmas that others are faced with, how they resolve them and the reasoning behind their solutions. The game encourages participants to discussissues relating to diversity and inclusion, and to help one another to find solutions for their own dilemmas.

The game can be used in a variety of settings. It can be used in acourse setting, for instance with a group of Ph.D. candidates or the staff of a department / institute. Depending on the objectives, it may be used primarily to incite a fruitful discussion; as an exercise to let people exchange opinions and experiences, or also as a step towards defining more formally defined principles. Often, it may be effective to let participants come up with their own dilemmas, after playing a number of dilemmas from the game.

If you want to play the Dilemma Game yourself, it is available for download here.

We thank everyone who has contributed to the creation of this game and the associated workshop.