Research Montaigne Centre

The research of the Montaigne Centre is divided in to various research themes. Here you can find an overview of the themes with the related research projects in which the Montaigne Centre is currently involved.

Research themes

Judicial organisation

The organisation and the functioning of judges, prosecutors and others in the organisation. Perspectives: institutional, constitutional, legal and international comparative.

Rules of procedures, proceedings and procedural justice

Procedural themes. Legal, organisation, national and international and social scientific perspectives.

The judge and  separation of powers

The relation between judge and administration, judge and legislator. Constitutional  and human rights perspectives

Other and alternative ways of conflict resolution

Arbitrage, mediation, transitional justice. International and national focus. Legal and empirical research methods.

Execution of judgements

Everything concerning the implementation of judgements and its’ organisation. Prosecution, Bailiffs, Prisons and related policies and decision making. Legal, human rights and organisation perspectives, both national and international comparative.

Methodology of legal research

Ongoing exchanges on legal and empirical research methods.