Montaigne Thesis

Stapel boeken

Doing research starts while studying. To stimulate budding (Montaigne) researchers and to highlight research by students into fundamental values and innovation of the constitutional State, as well as the administration of justice, we have created the 'Montaigne Thesis’.

When to apply?

Students who, as part of their graduation, write a thesis on a subject that is closely related to research of the Montaigne Centre can qualify for the designation ‘Montaigne Thesis’.

Why to apply?

This means that the thesis becomes part of the research carried out by the Montaigne Centre; the thesis is published on the website and a blog is devoted to the topic.

How to apply?

Lecturers who believe that a student's thesis should receive this designation can submit the thesis for consideration by the Montaigne Center via

See for examples of previous Montaigne thesis the Dutch webpage