About the Montaigne Centre

Utrecht University’s Montaigne Centre for Judicial Administration and Conflict Resolution combines multidimensional expertise in the field of judicial administration and conflict resolution. Developments such as Europeanization, globalization and individualization require a fundamental reorientation of the judicial profession and the functioning of law as an instrument of conflict resolution.

The main research question we aim to answer is:

Which forms of conflict resolution are appropriate in today’s changing society and how should the various procedures be designed and organised so that a good balance is reached between justice, certainty, effectivity, speed and efficiency?

Our researchers try to answer this question by focusing on national, European and international procedures and institutions in judicial administration, from conflict resolution in concrete cases at micro level to judicial administration in a fast-changing world at macro level. Some examples are the functioning of courts of appeal, judges, mediators, ombudsmen, complaints bodies, bailiffs and litigants.

Our research field, however, is not limited to law. Aiming to transcend the traditional legal disciplines, we frequently apply social science research methods and conduct qualitative and quantitative legal research in professional legal practice.

More information: Research implementation programme (pdf)