Master's courses

Master Environmental Biology

Fungal Biology (B-MEBIFB19)

Gecoördineerd en gedoceerd door Robert-Jan Bleichrodt en mede gedoceerd door Han Wösten, Hans de Cock, Luis Lugones, Charissa de Bekker en Robin Ohm
This course deals with the impact of fungi in nature and for mankind, the mechanisms underlying the role of fungi and recent developments in fungal biology.

Master Science and Business Management (SBM)

Biotechnologie (B-MSBBSC)

Gecoördineerd en gedoceerd door Han Wösten en mede gedoceerd door Apostolos Liakopoulos
This course will address plant and microbial biotechnology, patents and ethics, as well as how biotechnology could have an impact on the societal challenges: 1) Health; 2) Food security; 3) Secure, clean and efficient energy; 4) Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials.

Master Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences (MCLS)

Genes to Organisms (B-MCG2O)

Mede gedoceerd door Robin Ohm
How life functions at the level of tissues and whole organisms, and how organisms respond and adapt to environmental conditions is the main topic of this track.

Microbial Genomics (B-MCMIGE)

Mede gedoceerd door Robin Ohm
The genomes of microbes provide a wealth of information on the processes and mechanisms that these organisms use in their environment. For instance, on mechanisms that pathogens use to overcome host immunity or antibiotics, or enzymes that fungi use to produce interesting metabolites that can be used in medicine or agriculture. In this course you will learn how to analyze genome data of individual microbes, but also of microbial communities (metagenomics).

Biotechnology (B-MBITEC)

Gecoördineerd en gedoceerd door Robin Ohm
This course will give an overview of different fields in biotechnology (molecular techniques, bacterial biotechnology, fungal biotechnology, plant biotechnology, industrial biotechnology, medical biotechnology, animal biotechnology) with special emphasis on new developments. In addition, other aspects related to biotechnology, such as intellectual property rights, ethical concerns and the marketability of a product are discussed. 

Concepts in Science for Life (SK-MCLS)

Mede gedoceerd door Robin Ohm
This course gives an introduction of state-of-the-art research performed by the research groups affiliated to the MCLS master programme and aims to empower students to make an informed decision on the most appropriate internships and on the choice of an appropriate MCLS track.