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Plectasin and its variants - Maik Derks

Plectasin is a antimicrobial peptide (AMP) first discovered back in 2005 in the fungus Pseudoplectania nigrella. Plectasin and its variants (e.g. NZ2114, MP1102) have excellent bactericidal activity against a variety of gram positive bacteria. This includes some clinically relevant strains, among which MRSA, infamous in hospitals for causing hard to treat infections. Lipid-II binding is thought to be the mechanism of action of these peptides but much remains unclear about the structural details.

Unfortunately, studying the atomic structure of peptide-Lipid II complexes in their native environment, a membrane, by conventional techniques -such as X-ray diffraction- is challenging. Furthermore, without these data the development of these drugs is like stumbling in the dark, hampering the transition to the clinic of these high-potential candidates. In a collaboration between MBB and the NMR spectroscopy group we study Lipid II binding antibiotics in membranes (or membrane models) by state-of-the-art solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, soon to be supported by the strongest commercial NMR magnet available: 1.2 GHz (expected to be operational in mid-2021).

This is a diverse project, including expression and purification of isotopically labeled peptides, enzymatic/chemical synthesis of Lipid II variants/fluorescent dye analogues, fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, isothermal calorimetry (ITC), molecular modeling and of course solution/solid state NMR.


Further reading

About Plectasin:
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Examples of our research:
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