MBB News

Welcome to Mehmet Akdag & Maithili Joshi

On March 1st 2021, Mehmet Akdag joined MBB as PhD candidate in the C. elegans team of Tessa Sinnige.

On April 1st 2021, PhD candidate Maithili Joshi joined the MBB C. elegans team too.  

Welcome Mehmet and Maithili!

New MBB group picture

New, 1,5m proof, MBB group picture!

Welcome to Ramon van den Bos

On 15 November 2020, Ramon van den Bos started in a postdoc position at MBB in the team of Eefjan Breukink.

Welcome Ramon! 

Welcome to Jorieke Tiggelaar

On November 1st 2020, Jorieke Tiggelaar has started at MBB as technician in the C. elegans team of Tessa Sinnige.

Welcome to Tessa Sinnige

Tessa Sinnige

On September 1st 2020, Tessa Sinnige has started at MBB as Assistant Professor.
Tessa studies protein aggregation using C. elegans as a model organism.
You can read more about her research on Tessa's MBB profile page and the website of the Sinnige lab.

Visit Eveline Koch primary school

Visit Eveline Koch primary school

Eveline Koch, MBB’s research technician, visited primary school Fatima in IJsselstein in February 2020.

Eveline entertained the youngest classes with various fascinating chemical experiments.

The visit was organized because of the school theme ‘Laboratory & Experiments’.

The children were incredibly enthusiastic and impressed.

Welcome to Maik Derks

Maik Derks

In February 2020, PhD candidate Maik started working on the 'Optimization of antibiotics targeting Lipid II' research under supervision of Eefjan Breukink (MBB) and Markus Weingarth (NMR).

Via determining the structure of antibiotic-Lipid II complexes to the atomic detail, information on the mechanism of action is gained.

This will lead to novel ideas how to optimize the structure either chemically or via modern chemoenzymatic or bioconjugation methods, such that novel and improved antibiotics are obtained.