Dr. Eefjan Breukink

Dr. Eefjan Breukink studies the bacterial cell wall synthesis pathway, which is the most accessible essential pathway of bacteria and hence a very important target for antibiotic development. Still little is known how the bacterial cell wall synthesis is regulated and part of his research is to  to elucidate mechanism of regulation of the cell wall synthesis. The bacterial cell wall also provides a interesting target for antibiotics. With the ever-increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance and the almost empty antibiotic pipelines of the pharmaceutical industry, there is a great need for the development of new antibiotics. In designing such new antibiotics, it is generally viewed optimal to look at the antibiotics that bacteria themselves use in their fight for survival. Evolutionary forces have shaped and continue to shape these antibiotics into excellent weapons. By learning how they work, new targets can be identified and we might be able to design better versions or even completely new antibiotics and so keep ahead in the arms race against resistant bacteria.