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Membranes & Beyond

Membranes are at the heart of the research within MBB. They form the barriers which separate inside from outside in biological systems and consist of a lipid bilayer, in which proteins are embedded. Interactions between these lipids and proteins are important for e.g. membrane biogenesis, membrane organization and membrane protein function. Protein-lipid interactions are also key to understanding the mode of action of membrane-interacting agents, such as polypeptide toxins, antibiotics and amyloid forming proteins.

We use a range of systems and approaches to study membranes. All PI’s have their own expertise, with approaches varying from cell biological methods to (bio)chemical and biophysical techniques, and with systems ranging from self-assembled model membranes to yeast and from bacterial and mammalian cells to the roundworm C.elegans.

Through our research we aim to improve our understanding of membranes and of molecular processes underlying membrane-related diseases. In more applied research we investigate the modes of action of membrane-active drugs and the effects of cold atmospheric plasma’s on membrane properties. We also investigate new methods to isolate membrane proteins and explore novel ways to discover and design more effective antibiotics.

About our research
Students are very welcome to participate in our research.

The Membrane Biochemistry & Biophysics group is part of the Department of Chemistry of Utrecht University and is embedded within: