The History of International Relations section offers teaching programmes and conducts research into the developments in the international political systems from the early modern period until the present day.

The overarching research questions are how Europeanisation and globalisation have changed over time, how they affected democracy and the rule of law; how the position of the Netherlands in the world adapted to these changes; and how conflict, war, terrorism and violence determine the international (interstate) system, its security and institutions.


Colombia. Bron: Unsplash/Flavia Carpio
21 January 2019
As of January Ralph Sprenkels and Chris van der Borgh are involved with a capacity building project in Cauca, Colombia.
10 January 2019
A special edition of open access journal 'Politics and Governance' has recently been published.
Incluusion student screenshot
10 December 2018
Student refugees tell us what studying, through the Incluusion programme of Utrecht University has meant for them.


Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins
12 March 2019 16:00 - 17:30
On 12 March 2019 Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins (Yale University) will give a public lecture in Utrecht.
Areas of expertise: international relations | European integration | institutions | law | human rights | globalisation | global governance | conflicts and war | terrorism | security | intelligence