Conflict and Security

Juno Beach

The research theme Conflict and Security combines cutting-edge advances in theory and historiography with new empirical findings on political conflict and security. Issues of collective violence, war and (in)security are studied from a range of theoretical vocabularies and methodologies. Our researchers draw from the fields of History, International Relations and Conflict Studies and use methods such as archival research, field work and oral history.

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Our approach to Conflict and Security is to synergise historical, theoretical, socio-cultural, and policy perspectives, with ample space for monodisciplinary studies in between. We aim to understand and explain global issues and processes with a particular focus on the way governing practices of conflict and security intersect with particular threat perceptions, knowledge practices and histories of intervention.


Projects range from the emergence of a European security culture in the 19th century, history of the Cold War, intelligence and military history, (non-)proliferation and the hybrid warfare since the 1990s to rebel governance, gendered violence, political legitimisation of securitisation, the politics of international intervention, new forms of shadow warfare and the role of technologies of surveillance.

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Focal points: History of security (19th-21st century) | Terrorism | Conflict studies | Intelligence