Global and Imperial Relations

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The world is a fast-paced, diverse, and progressively connected place. Problems are increasingly defined within a global framework, the distribution of power, wealth and knowledge is shifting, and with them the way we tell the history of the world, of our own societies and in (not so) faraway places. The fast and deep changes in global relations call for historical explanations.

Our multi-disciplinary group of researchers engage with the historical dynamics of global change. Our expertise is well-grounded in various world regions, in particular Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We are strong in transnational and comparative approaches and connected histories. One of the main concerns of the group is to balance geographic and cultural perspectives in the history of the world over the past two centuries.

In particular, we are engaged with some of the major themes in history over the past two centuries:

  • global governance
  • human rights and interventions
  • transitional justice and the legacies and memories of conflict
  • dynamics and legacies of imperialisms and decolonisation
  • ideological and intellectual contestations in world history
  • postcolonial and decolonial epistemologies

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Cold War history | decolonisation | global diplomacy | foreign armed interventions | history of knowledge | international human rights | memory | new diplomatic history | international organisations (IOs) | security history | transitional justice | transimperial history | trauma | Euro-Middle Eastern relations | Asian and African postcolonial/decolonial histories