Europe in the World

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Our researchers study the international history of Europe and its relations with the wider world from the early modern period until the present. The history of Europe is marked by wars and crises as well as phases of international cooperation and even integration. Our aim is to uncover their driving forces by analysing the role of transnational ideas and networks, state- and non-state actors, and (multilateral) institutions and policies.

European multilateralism and integration

The focus of the research is on European multilateralism and integration, both within certain regions, ideological blocs and international organisations as well as between them. We study the rise of multilateralism within the Warsaw Pact and the OECD and look at how relations between East and West have evolved over time. We also explain past outcomes of decision-making processes within specific policy areas, such as the energy, agricultural and environmental policies of the European Community. Furthermore, the foreign relations of empires and states in a changing historical context are investigated.

Research projects

Projects include the foreign policies of early modern states and the role of ideological networks as well as the relations between Germany (both East and West) and the Netherlands, and the Netherlands and Israel during and after the Cold War.

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    European integration | Multilateralism | Cold War | International Organisations | Transnational actors | Energy | Environmental and consumer governance | New diplomatic history