“Afstudeerproject” course at the Ecology and Biodiversity Group

First of all, read the course rules and regulations here.
If you have any questions regarding the course rules, regulations, forms and documents, you need to contact the course coordinators (email: scriptie.bio@uu.nl). Group coordinators are not the course coordinators. They can only help you to find projects in their group.

As Ecology and Biodiversity Group we offer you different projects at different course periods. Here, you can find the topics of our staff:



Soil Ecology and Peatland Conservation

Mariet M. Hefting, Duygu Tolunay

Microbial biodiversity

George A. Kowalchuk

Plant community ecology

Kathryn E. Barry

Plant biodiversity

Yann Hautier

Forest ecology and conservation

Marijke van Kuijk, Joeri A. Zwerts

*Daily supervisor can be someone else from the group.

If you would like to join our group for the “Afstudeerproject“ course, please fill the form below:

If you are only looking for an examiner, please fill this form:

If you cannot find answers to your questions in the “Afstudeerproject” course webpage (here) or in the webpage of Ecology and Biodiversity Group, you can send an email to E&B Group Coordinator, Duygu Tolunay. Please use this e-mail address to forward your questions: EB.afstudeerproject@uu.nl

If you have a research question that you want to test, your own projects are also welcome in our group (mention your project in the application form under motivation text section). In this case, the research question should be relevant to the topics of our group, you should have an idea about the experimental design, and it can be tested during the duration of the course.


  • Arrange your internship (stage) and thesis (scriptie) component of “afstudeerproject” at the same period. This is the preferred structure by the E&B Group and compulsory for the course (with motivated exceptions sometimes allowed).
  • We don’t offer PLONS course unless the supervisor and the student are agreed on.
  • If you do your internship (stage) and thesis (scriptie) part outside the UU, you have to arrange an examiner. If you need an examiner from the E&B group, you must arrange it BEFORE starting your internship. Otherwise, we will not respond the last-minute requests.
  • If you do your internship (stage) part outside the UU, also arrange the thesis (scriptie) part with the same institution. This is a course requirement and then you only need to arrange an examiner from the UU which E&B group can offer you an examiner.
  • If you do your internship (stage) or/and thesis (scriptie) part outside the UU, first check the list of examiners from the course webpage and try to find a best fit to your topic. Then write to the relevant group coordinator about your request. For E&B Group, you need to fill a form: https://forms.office.com/e/W5J9UBJ18M