Ecology & Biodiversity

The Ecology and Biodiversity group offers several courses in the BSc and MSc education. Part of this information is in Dutch, as these courses are taught in that language. General information on the Bachelor curriculum can be found on the website of the Bachelor's programme.

Bachelor (BSc), level 1 courses

  • Evolutiebiologie 1
  • Ecologie

Bachelor (BSc), level 2 courses

  • Evolutiebiologie 2
  • Theoretische Ecologie   
  • Natuurbehoud, Duurzaamheid en Plantendiversiteit
  • Earth and Environment II (University College)

Bachelor (BSc), level 3 courses

  • Biodiversiteit en Landschap
  • Aquatische ecologie
  • Afstudeerproject
  • Earth and Environment III (University College)
  • Internationaal Natuurbeheer
  • Evolutiebiologie 3

Master (MSc.) Environmental Biology

Study track Ecology and Natural Resource Management - Coordinator: Dr. Marijke van Kuijk

  • Ecology of Natural Resources
  • Foreign Field Course

Research projects for MSc students 

MSc students carry out their thesis work and research projects under supervision of staff, post-docs or PhD students of the group. Please contact staff members George Kowalchuk, Merel Soons, Mariet Hefting, Alexandre Jousset, Yann Hautier or Marijke van Kuijk for research possibilities. Before discussing a research project with your supervisor it is important to discuss the planning and contents of your MSc program with the track coordinator.