This is a list of the summer schools within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth at Utrecht University.

The summer schools are all in English:

  • Neurocognitive Methods for Infant and Toddler Research
  • Neural Circuit Development and Plasticity (info)
  • Addiction (info)
  • Multidisciplinary Game Research
  • Bilingualism (info)
  • Introduction to L1 and L2 Acquisition (info)
  • Introduction to Multilevel Analysis (info)
  • Survey Research: Design, Implementation and Data Processing (info)
  • Survey Research: Statistical Analysis and Estimation (info)
  • Applied Multivariate Analysis (info)
  • Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling using Mplus (info)
  • Advanced course on using Mplus (info)
  • Statistical Programming with R (info)
  • Big data (info)
  • Exploring the human connectome (info)

Other types of education within the strategic theme of Dynamics of Youth can be found in the education overview.