CAS Research Days

Twice a year CAS organises research events for its researchers. These days provide a unique opportunity particularly for young researchers to develop themselves and to present their work.

During the first event the Dutch Society for Developmental Psychology (VNOP) and CAS are cooperating to present two interesting days for researchers within the field of developmental psychology or pedagogics, the CAS-VNOP Research Days. The first day is organised especially for PhD candidates and postdoc researchers. The second day is a conference for all researchers within the field of developmental psychology or pedagogics, where junior researchers (PhD candidates and postdoc researchers) present and discuss their research together with staff members and senior researchers.

The second research event takes place in spring, the annual CAS Research Day. The meeting starts with a keynote by one of the senior researchers. Next, a number of PhD students present their plans for the research, their ongoing work and planned publications in the PhD-project. The CAS Research Day is concluded with an interactive session with a topical theme. In this seminar, PhD-students have to act as referees for the presentation of the other students. Staff members act as referees as well. During the event the CAS awards for the best article and best dissertation are presented.