Social and personality development: a transactional approach

On the interaction between child and environment

We examine the way in which the development of children/adolescents is affected by the interaction between them and their environment.

Important characteristics of the child are:

  • temperament
  • personality
  • social-cognitive capacities

Important environmental characteristics include the relationships with parents, siblings and peers.

In this programme we pay particular attention to the prevention and treatment of behavioural problems.

Research themes

  • Normal development (Prof Marcel van Aken)
  • Problematic development (Prof Bram Orobio de Castro)
  • Biological aspects of development (Prof Chantal Kemner)

Our research integrates longitudinal research (in which we follow children and adolescents for an extended period of time) with experimental research and research into the efficacy of interventions.

Current research

We are coordinating several large research projects on the development of children and adolescents and effective treatment methods.

Programme leaders