Changing, multifunctional forest use: effects on local people’s adaptive capacity and ecosystem service provisioning

Participatory mapping of land use.

This project assesses the adaptiveness of transitional and multifunctional forest use to socio-ecological change as well as the effect of this use on the provisioning of ecosystem services for local livelihoods. The project is set  in marginalized regions in Colombia and Suriname where there is a great dependency on local ecosystem services and applies an array of participatory research methods. The results of this project are expected to contribute to the development of effective, community-driven and socially engaging policy that incorporates the needs of local livelihoods in spatial planning and management.

The project is carried out by Sara Ramirez-Gomez MSc in collaboration with Dr Pita Verweij and Prof René Boot; and is funded by Tropenbos International Suriname, the WWF Guianas and the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA).