The Academy aims to train the next generation of able scientists through top quality scientific education and supervision. We maintain a large number of courses that are integrated in multiple University programmes and provide supervision for many Bachelor, Master and PhD students. Through our efforts students develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to tackle the challenges of today and of the future. 

Master’s programmes

Environmental Biology, tracks ‘Ecology and Natural Resource Management’ and ‘Plant Biology’

Sustainable Development, tracks ‘Energy and Materials’ and ‘Global Change and Ecosystems’.

Dedicated courses

  • Ecology of natural resources
  • Management of natural resources in context
  • Field course in the tropics
  • Themes in global change and ecosystems
  • Ecosystem modelling
  • Climate systems and adaptation
  • Sustainable development: integrating perspectives
Bachelor’s programmes
Student in rooftop garden

Biology (in Dutch only)

Global Sustainability Science

Dedicated courses

  • Plant biology
  • Evolution biology and biodiversity
  • Ecology
  • Nature conservation, Plant diversity and Sustainability
  • Tropical Ecosystems and Climate
  • Biodiversity and Landscape
  • Scientist in policy
  • Aquatic ecology