Innovation of business models for ecosystem services and circular economy

Landscape and wind turbines behind the dike Pilsum, East Friesland, Netherlands © Chris Martin Bahr / WWF

This project aims to explore how companies can manage to employ business models that are successful in terms of both economic profit as in terms of ecosystem services, biodiversity and circular economy. For example, how do companies create and capture value with regard to ecosystem services? What are the drivers and barriers for engaging in such business models? Which capabilities are necessary for organizing a sustainable business model? By answering these questions we hope to contribute to a higher rate of sustainable business model adoption. The project works in close collaboration with the Dutch Province of Zeeland and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

The project is carried out by Dorith Vermunt MSc. in collaboration with Dr. Pita Verweij, Dr. Simona Negro and Prof. dr. Marko Hekkert; and is funded by NWO, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Province of Zeeland