Greening value chains

Greening value chains © Hartmut Jungius / WWF

A globalizing economy

In a globalizing economy with increasing demands for goods and services, more and more products and services pass through global value chains to reach the end consumer. The challenge is to optimize productivity of the chain with minimal impacts on ecosystem services and biodiversity. In a green approach to value chains, the use of natural resources is minimized, resources are used sustainably, and negative environmental impacts are reduced or mitigated as much as possible in all stages of the chain. The switch to a more bio-based economy safeguards future demands and the sustainable use of  the world’s resources.

Supporting the green approach

To conserve our natural resources for future use, the Academy supports the greening of value chains and the development of a bio-based economy. To explore and develop the aspects of a green approach and a bio-based economy, we use our expertise in system analysis, we integrate knowledge from different disciplines and we collaborate with governments and businesses. By doing so we can evaluate the impacts of existing value chains and contribute to the design of new, more sustainable chains.

How can sustainable use of natural resources be enhanced in agriculture and forestry?